The ancient Egyptians were Black

“Egypt was African in its writing, its culture and its way of thinking,” concludes Jean Vercoutter, renowned French Egyptologist and opponent of Cheikh Anta Diop at the Cairo conference on the identity of the ancient Egyptians. The very thorough preparation of communications from Professor Cheikh Anta Diop and Professor Obenga did not always have, despite the clarification of Unesco, an … Continue reading The ancient Egyptians were Black


How Igue Festival started in the Great Benin Empire during the reign of Oba Ewuare The Great

The Igue festival, which is a period for offering thanks to God for sparing their lives and to ask for blessings, is also used for offering sacrifices to God and our Ancestors (Enikao) in the palace. During this period, chieftaincy title holders display their Eben emblem in the Ugie dance as they appear in their traditional attire, according to the type of dress the Oba bestowed on individual chiefs during the conferment of title, while the Oba seats majestically in the royal chamber (Ogiukpo).


The Great Benin Kingdom is probably Nigeria’s greatest empire. The Ogiso dynasty lasted for about 854 years plus an interregnum of 285 years between the reign of Ogiso Orire and Ogiso Odia, there was an interregnum of 70 years between Ogiso Owodo and Oba Oranmiyan plus 845 years of Oba ruler-ship till date.