Ghanaian Pastor jailed 24-months for ‘fingering’ 3-year-old girl

He claimed he had no memory of the sequence of event of the offence or the victim. But surprisingly, he remembered most of the event relating to the case when he opened his defence and, during that period he regained his memory.


The ancient Egyptians were Black

“Egypt was African in its writing, its culture and its way of thinking,” concludes Jean Vercoutter, renowned French Egyptologist and opponent of Cheikh Anta Diop at the Cairo conference on the identity of the ancient Egyptians. The very thorough preparation of communications from Professor Cheikh Anta Diop and Professor Obenga did not always have, despite the clarification of Unesco, an … Continue reading The ancient Egyptians were Black

The Police Has Intercepted Explosives (Grenades) At Accra Ghana

Three men have been arrested at Odorkor, a community in Accra Ghana, in connection with intercepted explosives, Police say. The first to be arrested was a 30-year old man whose name is given as Abdul Karim. He was found armed with seven grenades. The suspect after interrogation, led the police to two others, Ishmael Ali … Continue reading The Police Has Intercepted Explosives (Grenades) At Accra Ghana