Chronicles of a ‘ButcherWifenemy’

Udeme is 47 years old. She could be termed a butcher considering the professionalism with which she slaughtered her husband Otike.

She went to the market and bought a set of well sharpened knives. Then sent a WhatsApp message to her sister-in-law, complaining about her husband and asked her to pray for them and equally ask God to forgive her.

The husband Otike also called to inform his sister and a close friend that the suspect had been threatening to kill him.

The wife seized that one second unguarded moment, and struck with all her strength, the husband head with a steel frying pan.

As he slumped down unconscious from the devastating head blow, she brought out the knives and quickly went to work on the unconscious husband. After stabbing him severally with a knife, she slashed open his stomach from the chest down, and ripped out with her bare hands, his intestine from his bowel, placing it on the bed.

She then proceeded to carve out the penis of the husband, and placed the penis in his right hand.

She then cleaned herself up, picked up her phone and called her mother, and told her she just killed her husband.

She had already packed her Certificates into her traveling bag and made arrangements to travel to the United Kingdom on Thursday, May 3 by 5am through Virgin Atlantic.

She has confessed to the Police. She admitted everything.

Her lawyers tried to stop the burial of the deceased tomorrow, but the court ruled against their request.

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A man’s enemy is in his household.