Four Innocent Men Arrested For Speaking Up Against Serious Water Pollution Caused By Chinese Company In Gambia

An Online Activist Farida Nabourema @Farida_N Just shared this tweet on twitter Exposing The Gambian Government for Jailing 4 men who spoke against the Serious Water Pollution killing all their fishes Caused By a Chinese Company In Gambia.

Farida Nabourema @Farida_N

Police arrested these four young men in the #Gambia after one of them delivered a speech protesting against the pollution of the ocean by a Chinese company. Such injustices are caused by systems that take more than the downfall of a dictator to fix. #gunjur

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Koripamo Rene Lol ..funny cos we africans are bunch of sell outs…even during the era of slave trade, twas still our kind who hunted us and sold us out as slaves ..our own ppl act as poppets just for selfish interest…so am not supprised @ this one ..

Woke Gabe Africa need to unite. They won’t dare do that in their country. We want foreign investment abi.. lol.

What is foreign about investment?

Abby Khalil This thing tires me why are our Africans leader always worship these white skin in the expence of their own. Let me see sam1 comment racism under my comment.

Okoye Anthony African leaders are all the same or they all have similar characteristics when they are in power especially in trying to continue being in power and in wicked way of dealing with their people.