The Pagan/Christian Origin of the names of Days Of The Week & Months

As you would know by now, our current calender was created by the Romans , in those days there was interaction between the Romans and other cultures and the Norsemen where one of those, these Norsemen otherwise known as Vikings where notorious for Raidings, and land grabbing, but places they couldn’t raid they would have a bilateral agreement, Both the Romans and the Vikings had Pagan beliefs or belief in many gods, although their gods were different the Romans believed that gods lived and controlled each planets and from there also controlled the affairs of man so they the Greeks and Romans having Zeus as their chief God, and the Vikings Odin as their chief God, they named the days of the week and months in honour of their gods so that we can kneel before and worship them, whilst ignoring ours, even months were named after their respected emperors, ancestors and kings.

Sunday- The sun, in honor of the sun god, this was also the reason Christian worship was moved from the Jewish Saturday to Pagan Sunday, as Jesus was called the Son of God in Christianity had similarities with, The Roman sun god Apollo who is the Son of Zeus the supreme God in Roman mythology.

Monday- The moon, in honor of the moon god.

Tuesday- The planet Mars, in honor of the god Mars. The Saxons named this day after their god Tiw and called it Tiw’s day. “Tuesday” comes from the name of this Saxon god, it is also believed that this day could also be related to Tyr Viking god and son of Odin

Wednesday- The planet Mercury, later named in honor of the Scandinavian god Wedn or Woden or Odin .

Thursday- The planet Jupiter, later named in honor of the Scandinavian god Thor another Son of Woden.

Friday- The planet Venus, later named in honor of the Teutonic goddess Frigg or Freia and wife of Woden.

Saturday-The planet Saturn, in honor of the Roman god Saturn.


From the Latin

January- Januarius, in honor of the Roman god Janus.

February- Februarius, in honor of the Roman festival of general expiation and purification.

March- Martius, in honor of the Roman god Mars.

April- Aprilis, which was derived from aperio, a Latin verb meaning to open. The month is so called because it is the month when the earth opens to produce new fruits,this is also reason why Easter is mostly celebrated around this time.

May- Maius, in honor of the Greek goddess Maia.

June- Junius, in honor of the Roman goddess Juno.

July- Julius, in honor of Roman emperor Julius Caesar.

August – Augustus, in honor of Roman emperor Augustus Caesar.


The name comes from septem, “seven”.


The name comes from octo, “eight”


The name comes from novem, “nine”.


The name comes from decem, “ten”.

This names given to glorify their gods and ancestors were later enforced subsequently by other Roman Emperors down to Popes up to this day. Could this now mean that we have unknowingly been honouring and worshipping foreign gods and ancestors at the detriment of ours? Because i am sure many of us reading now dont even know the days of the week is called in our traditional dialect and what they mean.