Ministry of Health sacks Director of the Ankaful Psychiatric Hospital

Ghana’s Ministry of Health has sacked the Director of the Ankaful Psychiatric Hospital, Dr. Eugene Dordoye.

The decision was arrived at after an emergency meeting Friday between the Ministry and the medical director.

The nurses and physician assistants at the facility withdrew their services earlier this week, and demanded that Dr. Dordoye’s appointment be terminated because he was “an oppressor who was psychologically traumatizing the staff and mismanaging the hospital”.

The Public Relations Officer at the Ministry of Health who confirmed the dismissal of Dr Dordoye on Citi FM said a new director will take over next week.

“It was at a meeting that this came out. Dr. Dordorye was with us at the meeting and we all agreed that he should give way for another person to act on his behalf…As time goes on, another person will take over from him,” said Mr. Cudjoe.

The Health Ministry early on called off a meeting with the striking nurses after they turned down an invitation by the sector Minister, Mr Kweku Agyemang- Manu.

The leadership was pessimistic that the meeting with the Minister would yield any results.

Speaking with the Press, the Local Secretary of the Psychiatric Nurses Group (PNG), Mr Malcolm Akatinga Ali, said since the impasse the executive was invited six times by the Minister but those meetings did not yield any positive results.

“We regrettably, wish to state that since the impasse between us and the Director of the Hospital, Dr Eugene Dordoye, the Minister has not visited the hospital to acquaint himself with the development on the grounds”, he said.

Psychiatric nurses and assistants at the Ankaful Psychiatric Hospital in Cape Coast on Thursday began a strike to back their demand for the immediate removal of Dr Eugene Dordoye as the Director of the Hospital.

When Gossip Cartel visited the hospital today (Friday), the situation remained the same- nurses and physician assistants had deserted the facility.

The group maintained that Dr Dordoye should be removed from the hospital and be given the requisite training in human resource management and effective leadership, as had been suggested by the fact-finding committee, before he returned to run the hospital.