See The Reactions of Twitter Users to a photo of a Curvy Lady Cleaning Her House in Bra

Social media is indeed a powerful tool and many have been made to feel it’s effect in recent times. The latest victim of the savagery of many social media users is this curvy lady.

She shared a photo online of herself cleaning her house while scantily unclad in a bra but the reactions she got were not what she was expecting.

This is the caption she wrote; Cleaning my house & minding my business. Rather than being praised for flaunting her hot body, some internet users took their time to show her how to be ‘decent online’ as they covered her up after editing her picture. The curvy lady also reacted to the edited pictures by hailing those who edited the pictures.

Another lady who shared a very sexy picture of herself on social media got a similar treatment.

See the savage reactions below;