Senegalese Religious Group says Rihanna is Illuminati (and Shouldn’t be in their Country)

Rihanna was in Senegal last week for a Global Partnership for Education (GPE) fundraising conference which raised more than $2 Billion. While one would count it as a success, there is a religious group in Senegal that is probably feeling despondent and depressed at this very moment. The group, carrying out its activities under the name No to Freemasonry and Homosexuality called on the government to block the visit alleging that, “Rihanna doesn’t hide it: she’s part of the Illuminati, a branch of Freemasons.”

Rihana Posing With President Macron of France

Sheikh Oumar Diagne, the head of communications for the group also said Rihanna’s arrival coincided strangely with the date originally planned for the Humanist and Freemason African and Malagasy Meetings. Diagne’s collective is therefore convinced Rihanna was clandestinely attending the Freemason meetings. It is a plot for a badly scripted film but real life might be just that: a badly scripted film. Rihanna, however, clearly had bigger fish to fry at the conference where she resolutely declared, “This is a fight we’re never gonna stop fighting until every boy and every girl has access to education.”

She is fighting a bigger fight against the unfortunate world order that leaves young boys and girls uneducated and ill-equipped to deal with the world. Fighting petty fights over conspiracy theories is not in her diary.