Video: Nigerian Stabs Ghanaian Man To Death

This was what really happened at Sowutoum, Accra, Ghana.

A Nigerian named Mr. Thompson Peter has allegedly stabbed a Ghanaian named Misbau Amadu in the head with a knife.

The Police at Sowutoum in the Ga Central Municipality of the Greater Accra Region have arrested the 48-year-old Nigerian for allegedly stabbing a man he claims to be a thief. Thompson Peter allegedly stabbed Misbau Amadu, 27, in the head with a knife after a confrontation at his residence at about 10:00 pm last week Thursday.

The victim was rushed to the Mary Lucy Hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival by the doctors.

Inspector Kwabena Danso, Deputy Accra Regional Police Public Relations Officer (PRO), said the suspect was arrested immediately the police received information about the attack. Narrating the incidence, Inspector Danso, said “a week ago, Thompson Peter lodged a complaint at the Sowutoum Police Station that Misbau Amadu had broken into his apartment and stolen some items. After taking the statement of Thompson, the PRO said the police proceeded to the residence of Misbau Amadu with the intent of inviting him to the station to help investigate the claim but he was not available. On Thursday morning, Thomson reported that he had spotted the supposed thief in the area and so a detective was dispatched to the place but he was not seen. Thompson said at about 9:00 PM last Thursday, Misbau came to his (Thomson’s) house, armed with a knife to attack him for reporting the case to the police.In the course of the fight, Thompson said he overpowered Misbau and stabbed him in self-defence. The matter is still under investigations,” Inspector Kwabena Danso posited.

Since this incidence, Ghanaians have resorted to calls for Nigerians in Ghana to be killed and as a result, 4 innocent Nigerians have been killed by Ghanaian youths in same area where the incidence took place.

See the following video which was originally published by Joy Online News in Ghana.

There have been several hateful comments on the media from Ghanaians to Nigerians living in their country. Bellow are a few examples:

Zongo boy on Aug 19, 2017
Re: Nigerian stabs man to death
It’s not about being a Nigeria it’s a self defence eye for an eye
bright on Aug 19, 2017
Re: Nigerian stabs man to death
if what you the police are saying is true , then l guess he indeed act as self defence since his life is in Danger by this criminal. We need those who understands the law of the land to educate us on this particular case than …
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Alhaji Abass on Aug 19, 2017
Evil Nigerians.
All of you must leave Ghana now. Wicked people