Meet The Afrobeat Artist KASSYSURE

His name is AINGHORIA OJIE KINGSLEY and he goes by the stage name KASSYSURE. He is from Edo State, born and raised in Lagos.

“God has been my strength” Starting as a musician in 2011, the Nigeria born artist is currently working on releasing his Album. Igodomigodo talked to KASSYSURE about his love of Music and his Career.

Below are excerpts from the interview.

1. Hello Good afternoon KASSYSURE
KASSYSURE: Good afternoon Madam!

2. Can you tell us your name?

3. How long have you been in the music Industry ?
KASSYSURE: Since Childhood. But professionally since 2011, when i did my first single.

4. What was the Name of your first single?

5. How did your Musical career begin?
KASSYSURE: I always have the dreams of been a Musical artist even before I wrote my first song 2011 I was once singing which church.

6. Have you ever had any other career in mind before music?
KASSYSURE: Yes. When i was little, i had always wanted to be Politician. I even sturdied political science at universality (A.A,U) Ekp.

7. Who and What are your influences?
KASSYSURE: I am just going to go straight to mentioning names. Timaya , Wizkid , Davido, Olamide just to mention few

8. What inspires you to make Music?
KASSYSURE: My Environment and the way of life of the people.

9. Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?
KASSYSURE: (Laughs) #FILEH I see myself been at the very peak of my career doing what I love doing best which is doing good music and enjoy all the benefits that comes with.

10. How would you describe your music?
KASSYSURE : My music is Unique And afro centric It is something everyone can relate with.

11. What religion do you practice?
KASSYSURE : I am a proud Christian.

12. What do think of reality TV shows like MTN Project fame and others?
KASSYSURE: It is a very good initiative because it gives room/ opportunity for talented and upcoming artists to show case their God-given talents to the World.

13. Have you ever been a part of one of such TV shows?
KASSYSURE : #FILEH Not one that I can re-call but have been into Campus reality show

14. And what was the experience like for you?
KASSYSURE: Actually I was invisted performer on Campus Music Competition and the experience, was great

15. How are you coping with your fan base especially the Female fans?
KASSYSURE : (Laughs) #FILEHI I always have it at the back of head knowing that fan will always fans and female once that but professional I handle it very well (Laughs)

16. Do you have any upcoming gig events?
KASSYSURE: Yes. My Video Premier and EP Album launch shall be coming up this year so be on the lookout. (Smiles) #FILEH

17. Tell us something interesting about yourself.
KASSYSURE: (Laughing) The way i talk. I am not much of a talker though. (Laughs)

18. Tell us about your relationship life. Are you single?
KASSYSURE: (Laughing) #FILEH I am not Married. (Laughing)

21. Do you have any messages to your fans or anyone out there with a musical ambition?
KASSYSURE: To anyone with a musical ambition, don’t quit because you will definitely get criticized about your work and don’t stop trying to get better. Constant rehearsals, determination and focus is the key. And to my Wonderful fans, i say Thank you for your supports and i encourage you to continue supporting the brand KASSYSURE- (SBRL) and never stop believing in me and i promise to never stop giving you good music.

22. Thank you very much for your time KASSYSURE and we at Igodomigodo wish you all the best in all you do.
KASSYSURE: (Smiling) Thank you for having me.