​The Vadoma People of Zimbabwe

Children of Tjehuti…..

The Vadoma people, also known as the Bantwana tribe, which means children/descendants, are a tribe living in the north of Zimbabwe, primarily in the Urungwe and Sipolilo districts on the Zambezi river valley.

The elders of the Vadoma people claim that their remote ancestors were bird like beings who came from the stars and mixed their DNA with early earth women to produce offspring. The elders state that their ancient ancestors came from the star systems of Sirius and first established colonies on a planet within our solar system that they refer to as Liitolafisi.

This planet “Liitolafisi” is the planet we know of today as Mars. It has been taught and past down for thousands of years in their culture that there are 24 inhabited planets within the trinary star systems of Sirius.Due to the Vadoma tribe’s complete isolation, they have maintained a unique genetic mutation on chromosome number seven which has resulted in their entire tribe producing two long toes on each foot  resembling the foot of an ostrich. This rare mutation is known in modern science as ectrodactyly with similar genetic mutations accruing as rare as 1 in every 90,000 births.It is a scientific mystery how everyone in this tribe could maintain this condition which the Vadoma / Bantwana claim to be a genetic trait that they’ve inherited from their ancient ancestors. 

It is reported that they’re not handicapped in anyway and are considered by other locals as some of the wisest people throughout Zimbabwe.