Video: Killer Fulani Herdsmen

The Fulani herdsmen have always been known to the people in West Africa due to their constant migration in search of green pastures for their cattle in various parts of this region. They are also known to be in possession of knives and cutlasses which is believed to be used for self defense in case of attacks  while taking their cattle through various jungles while traveling by foot.

We would all agree that the law enforcement authorities often turn a blind eye to the dangerous knives of the Fulani Herdsmen because it’s considered as their way of life.

Lately, there have been several reports about the upgrade in weapons by these herdsmen. They now have AK47 rifles which they have used in killing indigenous people in some parts of Nigeria and now Ghana.

See video below:

People are beginning to raise concerns on this issue and it will only be logical for the government to secure the lives and property of indigenous people in these areas.