Man caught on CCTV drowning his 3 years old stepdaughter

A man identified only as Jose David N. was filmed repeatedly throwing his three-year-old stepdaughter in a swimming pool, causing her to drown, and has been jailed for 100 years. What about the other bathers that did nothing to try and save her? The terrifying surveillance footage showed the killer throwing the child into the water at a hotel in the city of Morelia, in the south-western Mexican state of Michoacan in August 2015. She was seen battling to keep herself afloat, while the murderer stands at the side of the pool doing nothing. The helpless little girl could not swim, and other bathers did nothing to try and save her.


The youngster’s mother, who is a nurse, did not realize her child was dead until after she had made one more visit to the pool with her husband. They then returned to find the lifeless girl in front of the TV, prompting them to take her to hospital. She died a short time later.


The mother claimed she did not know her daughter was being mistreated until she saw the shocking video clips. The incident took place on 12 August 2015 while the little girl’s mother was sleeping in their hotel room. It caused outrage in South America after the footage was made public last year.


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